Our Service

We produce your products on demand. For that purpose, we provide assembly capacities on our flexible assembly machines. Once, your assembly process runs on our machines, you can place orders anytime. You provide the parts. We assemble. Just after the production is finished, you can download the quality data of your batch. 

Your Benefit

Avoidance of non-recurring costs: Making use of our assembly services, you can avoid non-recurring costs for assembly equipment. You only pay for assemblies that fulfill your specs.

Outsource peak production: If you look for a way to deal with production peaks, you may outsource assembly temporarily and on demand. 

Ramp-up service: Our service may support the ramp-up of your production. You are able to scale up production before you installed assembly capacities at your production site. 

Shortened Time-to-Market: Time is money?! You can shorten your time-to-market making use of our assembly service. 

Minimized risk of investment: You would like to make sure your quality and performance specs can be met by our solutions before you place an investment? We can prove the feasibility under real production conditions and therefore minimize your risk. 


We accept small production volumes of a few hundred per year as well as larger production volumes of multiple hundred-thousand.