Integration Platforms

The base of AIXEMTEC's assembly solutions are Flexible Assembly Systems (XTB-FAS) which are customizable assembly platforms and aim at fully- as well as semi-automated ultra-precise micro assembly. Platforms exist in different sizes and can be equipped with tools and third party setups for high-precision alignment and bonding processes. The platform especially suits the requirements of demanding optical systems such as laser beam shaping or imaging systems. An important feature is the openness of the platform so that you can enhance your machine - for example, if you need to protect your Intellectual Property. 

Flexible Assembly System: XTB-FAS-500

Flexible Assembly Platform with a workspace of 500x500 mm². 

Flexible Assembly System: XTB-FAS-300

Flexible Assembly Platform with a workspace of 300x300 mm².

 Assembly Tools

Micromanipulator Unit: XTT-MMU-C6xxxx

Micromanipulator with six degrees of freedom and a motion resolution of a few nanometers.