About Us

AIXEMTEC is a provider of high-precision assembly solutions for optical systems. We focus on the requirements of our customers. For this purpose, we offer machines and components for precision assembly as well as assembly services for optical systems. The combination of both business units is our strength. We know the challenges of every day production and based on that experience we develop standardized and competitive solutions. 

Our core competency comprises high-end assembly technology for highest precision in optics. Based on that expertise, we offer a wide spectrum of products and services in order to design and realize competitive production solutions for our customers. AIXEMTEC was founded in November 2016 as a spin-off out of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. AIXEMTEC is exclusive licensee of high-end Fraunhofer assembly technology. We combine our know-how regarding the assembly of optical systems with a customer-oriented business model. This business model allows us to look for the most economic production solution for our customers. 

Customer Value

Scalable production: AIXEMTEC equipment is designed for scalable production. The product portfolio covers lab equipment for process development and prototyping as well as fully-automated volume production solutions.
IP-Protection: AIXEMTEC equipment is designed for companies who need to protect their Intellectual Property. For that purpose, AIXEMTEC offers an open assembly platform so that customers can combine standard solutions with IP-sensitive add-ons of their own in software and hardware.
Ramp-up service: AIXEMTEC supports customers finding the most profitable production solution as well as shortening time-to-market or time-to-volume. For that purpose, AIXEMTEC provides machine capacity for early pilot series. 

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